* I Dream of Pebble *

So, Its a Monday morning; I wish I could say beautiful Monday morning; but it is not! Its Hot in here like hell! and Its Monday! I step in my office, (I am a intern in software Company in Hyderabad, India), I arrange everything and get prepared for the meeting with CEO which can happen any minute;in the mean time I browse through my favorite websites. Social Samosa is one of them. It is a website which gives you where’s,what’s and how’s of Social Media Marketing. Through this I get to know about new gadget called “Pebble Smart Watch”. Being a li’l tech-freak & Out of Curiosity, I visit Pebble website and whoa I figure out its an amazing gadget and yes it is smart!

This smart watch can used as a bike computer, accessing the GPS on your smartphone to display speed, distance and pace data. Runners get a similar set of data displayed on their wrist. One can use the music control app to play, pause or skip tracks on your phone with the touch of a button. Don’t worry about the rain, It is water-resistant! and it gets better, If you’re a golfer, feel free to bring Pebble onto the course. Instead of using your phone, view your current distance to the green right on your wrist. These apps will be the first, with more in the works! It can be paired with iPhone and can be used for getting all the notifications such as email, incoming Caller-Id…*etc etc…* well yeah features are awesome! It is soon getting to India with free shipping.

And Thus, My Monday Morning starts with new inspiration and motivation to work harder!
*I dream of Pebble * 🙂


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