Dear Future Husband

June 1st comes my birthday, I was pretty much excited for the day until I remembered glimpse of last birthday and previous than that when I got birthday wishes with one question ‘ Beta Shaadi kab kar rahi ho? ‘ and this question always made me feel how can I get married to a stranger just like that? Hence, Writing this letter to my dear unknown future husband.

My Dear Future Husband,

I hope you are loving as you are caring. I hope you you have an unconditional love with your mother along with your family. I hope you are intelligent to the point where you can teach and motivate to learn and be more but not stubborn enough to grow from me.

I hope you are as handsome as you are honest. I hope you have sense of humour that could move mountains on days when I am not able to pull it together.

I hope you protect my heart as if it were your own. I hope you love me and respect me enough to not walk out of door when we have any disagreement, confrontation.


Last but not least, I hope our love is living proof that real love does exists!

– Your and only Yours ❤


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