Advertising spends are the first casualty in tough business cycles.companies across sectors slashed their advertising budgets and put their marketing and plans on hold. The year was one of the industry would like to forget in haste,except for one occurrence-the birth of zoozoos. Conceived by Mumbai based agency ‘Ogilvy and Mather’ for telecom services provider Vodafone, these characters won the hearts and mind of millions of viewers the moment they hit TV screens.Vodafone entered the crowded Indian telecom market by buying out hutch,a brand that had endeared itself to its customers through a long running popular campaign featuring a pug.Vodafone wanted to flush out Hutch’s residual brand recall by launching a much more powerful and winning characters,the zoozoos. Prathap Suthan, the national creative Director of chiel communications,a rival ad agency, says,”I doubt there will be another campaign that will steal as much thunder”.

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